Development history

Resources and mission functions

Functions and duties of the Company:

Management and operation of Ban Ve hydropower plant; Managing the operation, maintenance, repair and renovation of electrical equipment, hydroelectric works, architecture of hydroelectric power plants; testing and calibration of electrical equipment, mechanical processing;
Producing and trading in electricity; participate in the competitive electricity generation market;
Consulting and appraising construction investment projects; Construction investment project management consulting; Construction supervision consultancy (including installation of technological equipment); Consultancy on preparation and appraisal of bidding documents; Evaluation of bids for construction design, procurement of materials and equipment; Consulting on making and appraising the design, cost estimate, total cost estimate of the work;
Carrying out the Production Preparation for new hydroelectric projects when assigned by the Electricity of Vietnam;
Training and developing human resources on management, operation, maintenance and repair of power plants;
Construction of electrical works and construction works;
Trading, importing and exporting materials and equipment for the electricity industry;
Exploiting, producing and trading building materials;
Organizing tourism services, farming, processing and exporting agricultural, forestry and aquatic products.

The company's human resources have more than 12 years of experience in managing large hydropower projects, consulting and supervising construction works; more than 5 years of experience in managing and operating Ban Ve Hydropower Plant with an installed capacity of 320 MW.