Management structure of the Company:

Human resources:                                   236 people;

In which:     - Master's degree:     15 people;

- University degree:                     133 people;

- College degree:                    14 people;

- Vocational intermediate level:         74 people.

The company's human resources have more than 10 years of experience in managing large hydropower projects, consulting and supervising construction works; more than 3 years of experience in managing and operating Ban Ve Hydropower Plant with an installed capacity of 320 MW.

1.  Leadership:

- Director of the company

- Vice president

2.  Professional departments:

Office (P1).
Material Planning Department (P2).
Department of Labor Organization (P3).
Technical Department (P4).
Finance and Accounting Department (P5).
Project Management Department (P6)
3.  Workshops:

Operation workshop (PXVH).
Repair Workshop (PXSC).

On June 1, 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Trade established Power Generation Corporations operating in the form of Parent company - Subsidiary company, under the Vietnam Electricity Group. In which, Ban Ve Hydropower Company became a subsidiary of Power Generation Corporation 1 (EVNGENCO1).