About Ban Ve Hydropower Company

Ban Ve hydropower plant was built on the Nam Non river in Yen Na commune, Tuong Duong district, Nghe An province. This is the largest hydropower plant in the North Central region with an installed capacity of 320MW, an average annual electricity output of 1,084 million kWh, a normal water level rise of 200m and a reservoir capacity of 1.83 billion m3.

Ban Ve hydropower project approved by the Prime Minister Investment project in Decision No. 665/QD-TTg dated 19/6/2003, is a multi-purpose project with main tasks as:
-  Generating electricity into the national grid;
-    Supply of water for domestic use and production;
-    Pushing salinity and preventing floods for the downstream Lam River.

The project is assigned to EVN as the investor. The representative of the investor is the Hydropower Project Management Board 2. During the implementation process, the Project Management Board of Hydropower 2 and related units have completed the Ban Ve hydropower project. with the following key milestones:
-    August 7, 2004: Commencement of construction.
-    December 26, 2005: Block line;
-    November 17, 2009: Water storage phase 1;
-    April 10, 2010: Generating unit 1;
-    May 19, 2010: Generating unit 2;

With the results achieved, the project was allowed by the People's Committee of Nghe An province to attach the sign "The project celebrates the 120th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, welcomes the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi".

Main technical parameters:
- Grade of works: Grade I according to TCXDVN285:2002.
- Basin area: 8,700 km2.
- Area of ​​lake surface (corresponding to MNDBT): 45.85 km2.
- Capacity of the entire reservoir     : 1,834.6 million m3.
- Useful capacity: 1.383 million m3.
- Flooding capacity: 300 million m3.
- Normal water level rise (MNDBT): 200 m.
- Dead water level (MNC): 155m.
- Pre-flood water level (MNTL): 192.50m.
- Maximum design flood water level with P=0.1%: 202,235m.
- Maximum design flood water level with P=0.02%: 204.762m.
- Calculated water column: 106m.
- Installed capacity: 320 MW.
- Guaranteed capacity: 90 MW.
- Annual average electricity: 1,084.2 million KWh.

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